SGP Fittings


The carbon steel pipe fittings that we provide are included in the SGP pipe and fittings category, which indicates that they are meant for pipes that convey fluids in low working pressures. These SGP pipe and fittings are catered to black pipes and galvanised pipes. They are suitable for pipes of different dimensions. From as thin as 2.0 mm to 7.9 mm, Chuan Foong Hardware possesses these items in order to serve you at our best.

Besides, this is one of the best pipes out in the market for industry purpose and our pipes are made by competent and well-trained professionals which make the pipe to be superior and of high quality. Then, even though our pipe is extremely high quality but we are still selling it at a reasonable price because we want everyone to be able to purchase and use our products.

Our SGP pipe and fittings are designed specifically to transport liquids or fluids such as oil and gas via long distance for those lengthy pipes as they are tough and durable. Apart from this, the special feature of this type of pipe is strong heat and cold resistance. It is designed for industrial industry usage for transmitting gas to another equipment.

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SGP Fittings

SGP Fitting Electro-Galvanized


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