Forged Flanges


As a flanges supplier in Malaysia, Chuan Foong Hardware provides carbon steel pipe flanges as well. We offer an extensive range of forged flanges such as the blind flange, weld neck, slip-on, socket weld etcetera.

Flanges are meant for connecting pipes in order to form a proper piping system. Welded or screwed, flanges make inspection, cleaning and modification works easy for engineers and plumbers. For flanged joints, a gasket is used together in order to form a seal between two flanges.

Forging carbon steel pipe flanges results in recrystallization, which causes it to undergo a grain refinement process. The defected grains are replaced, creating grains that are uniform in sizes. This, in turn, strengthens the pipe flange, allowing it to endure more impact. Moreover, the refined grains eliminate porosity, cavities and shrinkage, so the flanges can function for a longer time. Due to the atomic structure of carbon, it becomes one of the hardest material allowing you to use our products longer without the need to change frequently as well as cost saving at the same time. Besides, carbon products are environmentally-friendly because most of it are tend to be recyclable. It is durable, but you can definitely get it at affordable price.

Hesitate no more and reach us, the most reputable flanges supplier in Malaysia from now on!

Forged Flanges


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