Carbon Steel Fittings


Carbon steel fittings are important components whenever pipes are involved. Oil, gas, pharmaceutical, biotech and food production are some of the industries that require the use of pipes, followed by steel fittings with carbon.

Carbon steel fittings act as connectors for 2 or more pipes. They can be used for pipes that are different in size, or for transporting fluids that are going in different directions. They become part of the system in transporting gases or liquids through a distance. Carbon steel is highly resistant to heat and to pressure of up to 260C and 18,000 psi respectively, depending on the type of steel grade. Steel fittings with carbon added will become more durable because carbon is one of the material that is resistant to heat. The more percentage of carbon in the products, the more resistant to heat it can be.

One of the benefits of using carbon steel fittings is that they have a lower cost than flanges due to lesser materials being used. Also, these fittings require less space because it’s more compact. From another point of view, it is environment-friendly as well as over 50% of it is recyclable after use. The sturdy and strong of it, these fittings are sure to last you a long time so that you don’t need to change it too often.

Carbon Steel Fittings


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